Here at Last

Hi everybody, yes, yes it’s almost Christmas! And we have something for you too,

Our first animated, interactive story featuring two of my friends here at Wakalaps: Squinky Squirrel and Una the (learner) Witch. These two are going to get a lot more attention at Wakalaps in 2014, but don’t tell them or they’ll get big heads.

Waka Squinky & the Witch is for little ones, from 3 to 5 years, the adults can play too, help Squinky, Una and their friend Shy Sheep make a cake with magic!

                                                    Get It from the App Store here

                                                 Waka Squinky and the Witch

An animated, interactive story featuring Squinky Squirrel & Una the Witch.

It’s free to download with a once off in-app purchase, but that’s behind a parent gate so little fingers don’t have access.

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