Thanks for dropping by our site and checking out our apps. I’m Ellis Elephant and I’m in charge around here, that’s why they pay me in peanuts.

Here at Wakalaps we’re making lots of digital toys for you and your children to play with, I’m even in some of them. So what are they exactly? Well, they’re digitally animated toys, with no rules, levels or scores, only many possibilities to play with.

My friends and I have been working hard to squeeze ourselves into your phones and tablets for a while now, so we hope you like what you see, and, if you do, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, you can even send me an email if you want a quiet word in one of my big ears ellis {at} whakalaps {dot} com

We think our apps are best enjoyed when they are played by kids and adults together, but we know that sometimes, just sometimes, you grown-ups like to play with our toys when the children are not around, we won’t say a word, promise.

Our digital toys will never have any adds or marketing links to anybody else’s apps, that’s an elephant’s word.

We hope you enjoy our toys, come back soon for more.


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